A World Turned Upside Down

If we could take a step back in time, we would realize that we had a very different idea of how we envisaged 2020 to be. Some thought that we would have flying cars, others thought that robots would be taking over. Some had the more realistic approach of it simply being a better year, whether in the personal, financial, or business sector.

It is no secret that the world has faced many crises ranging from narrowly avoiding a third world war, to droughts, to a devastating Australian fire, and everything in between; but I think I can fairly say that we did not envision ending up in the middle of a global pandemic, resulting in nation-wide lockdowns across the globe. For this we were not prepared.

However, despite the challenges that come with this learn-as-we-go experience, and with guidance from the past pandemics, such as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, many are able to embrace the changes and start putting in place procedures that will ultimately assist with easing into the uncertain yet inevitable future.

Perhaps the theory of robots taking over may not seem so far-fetched if we consider how heavily we are starting to rely and depend on technology and geo-redundancy in order to keep our company doors (virtually) open and continue to provide top quality services, while simultaneously ensuring the safety of our employees. In fact, we as Boomerang SA have a number of success stories in this regard.

What is my point? Well it’s simple. Despite the looming economic crisis, and the challenges that we are facing as our world is turned upside down due to COVID-19, it is imperative that we, businesses and people in general, accept and embrace the inevitable changes and do all that we can do to play our parts both in society and in the business world. Not only do we want to save our economy, but we would also like to restore our faith in humanity as these unprecedented times hopefully bring unity among the nations. Together we can make a difference.

Stay home. Stay safe.

Adapting to COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses are facing unprecedented challenges. Amidst all of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the one certainty is that we are all, every person and every business alike, affected by this virus. Although there does not seem to be an end to the current situation for the foreseeable future, thankfully there are ways in which we as businesses can adapt and create a minor level of normality.

The biggest challenge is transitioning from office to working remotely. This in itself is not an easy or simple process. It requires a tremendous level of trust as a business owner to make this transition of employees working from home. It requires an incredible level of self-discipline, dedication, and motivation as an employee to work from home, which is normally your place of comfort and rest. As a business owner, you have to consider the equipment required for effective and efficient remote working; the availability of the employees to have remote access; the technical requirements, as well as technical staff required; the level of trust and security required; and ensuring that all employees uphold data protection regulations and protocols at all times.

It is no secret that this is a challenge that proves daunting, however, there is a silver lining. When working with a smart, like-minded, competent team of dedicated and motivated people, it makes this transition somewhat easier to endure. It slightly lessens the strain on business owners when the entire team works together like a well-oiled machine.

There are many lessons to be learnt during this crisis, but the one thing that we know for sure is that we do not need to face these challenges alone. It takes commitment from staff and from managers to create a workable remote environment. With a strong team, businesses can find ways to work together and adapt to these trying times.

We may not be able to beat the virus, but we can play our part in flattening the curve. By working from home, businesses keep their doors open, provide quality services, protect the livelihoods of their employees, as well as uphold regulations set out by our government. Let us all play our part and help each other adapt to these challenges.