At Boomerang, we have built solid relationships, performed marketing feats of note and provided comprehensive business process outsourcing services for clients across many sectors. We’re flexible, agile, up for challenges and well-positioned to expand into new areas. Does your business need to outsource to a contact centre, or find a BPO back office services partner? Look no further, we’ve recently built a space for you. Here’s a sample of our sector proficiency, so click on the icon for a quick summary and link to a case study.

Comprehensive Business Services

  • There are clients who are looking for something more than in- and outbound call functions. They require a more comprehensive business process outsourcing partner that can manage lead generation to premium collections. Boomerang is up for the challenge.
  • Case in point here is a unique maintenance plan and nationwide mobile repair company that assists customers in keeping their vehicles in showroom condition. From lead generation to product sale, admin functions to collection of premiums, Boomerang has provided a wide service to our membership client since 2017, growing the staff complement as the business expands.

Financial Services

  • Considering Boomerang’s experience in the insurance sector, we are brilliantly geared up for long-term insurance and associated products. Sales is our forte, and our floor buzzes with agents celebrating successes as they land deals both on and off script.
  • An innovative Life insurance financial services provider, South Africa’s number one direct life insurer for eight years running with its offering of affordable and tailor-made products, contracted out its call centre function to Boomerang in 2020. In a few short months sales were exceeding the target. Agents on the floor doubled to 30 people, who drive a continued effort to break into new markets.

Short-term Insurance

  • We’re an old hand in this department, with short-term insurance being one of Boomerang’s primary sectors. There are many Boomerang call centre agents thoroughly trained and immersed in this sector, with technology and systems to match.
  • When a marketing leading short-term insurer came on board almost a decade ago, the company was aiming high. Reducing operational costs while retaining customers and appealing to a wider base; these were some of the challenges Boomerang met, with flying colours.

Customer Care for Retailers

  • Breaking out of our traditional outbound role, Boomerang is now an experienced inbound customer care facility across voice, email and online chat. We’re also up to speed on the latest technology used to record data that drives client company improvements, as well as track real-time performance and use this data to build capacity and quality in our team.
  • It started with a UK food box delivery company, the island’s fastest growing start up and as of late 2020 its latest unicorn firm (valued over GBP 1 billion). Expanding from 12 agents on launch to 90 in a year, the multi-channel Customer Services floor demonstrated Boomerang’s capacity to scale-up on short notice as the client’s business rapidly expanded with the 2020 lockdown. The ability for South Africa to adapt to the cultural mores of the UK has also been evident in this campaign, as has Boomerang’s capacity to meet and exceed CSAT score requirements, as well as other metrics.

Exhibition Organisers

  • Exhibitions and trade shows, to be successful, ask for intensive and targeted marketing drives, as well as comprehensive registration processes for exhibitors plus data tracking. All of this, and often at the last minute! At Boomerang, we love this kind of lastminute dot com challenge.
  • Expanding horizons, Boomerang jumped at the opportunity of a client who is in a nutshell an exhibition showcasing traders and their products. When the exhibition approached Boomerang, the challenge was to contact previous exhibitors, update their details online and invite them to book space for the upcoming exhibition, all in very short notice. We were able to draw from an already existent talent pool and get bums in seats and operating in a few short days.

Membership & Subscription Services

  • Whether it’s getting new members on board or retaining existing members, Boomerang has a big pool of customer care agents operating within the subscription business model, and we understand well not only the financial value of keeping customers but also the strategies by which this is done.

Leisure & Hotels

  • One of the initial clients of Boomerang’s early days was a leading hotel group. Operating in a niche market, our agents sold leisure memberships and packages to high-end traveling businessmen and women.


It’s good for the morale to give oneself a pat on the back every so often, and at Boomerang we’ve got several things we do really well. Plus we’re fast learners, so bring on the new and challenging. We love a stretch goal, as well as that out-the-box thinking that finds you the solution you are looking for. The contact centre industry has flourished in recent years, from its roots in outbound telemarketing to managing outbound calls, both B2B and B2C, to inbound customer care. Boomerang is a comprehensive business process outsourcing destination.

Here are some of the elements we are proud of:
  • Personalised, customised services delivered by English first language agents
  • Highly competitive price points bring real value, compared to other locations
  • Better quality than traditional outsource locations such as India and The Philippines
  • We’ve won awards and have a proven track record
  • Proven scalability – we assume the risk as you require either more or less agents
  • Who we source from the vast talent pool available in South Africa
  • Top notch infrastructure, great connectivity and a robust financial services environment

    Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI): We strife for 100% compliance with international data privacy regulations including the requirements of South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).